photographer & adventurer

ABOUT ME: I started my post-university life working in advertising, learning the ins and outs of marketing, branding, and communication. While I still enjoy this field, I find that I'm repeatedly called towards photography and how I feel when my finger presses the shutter button. Photography for me is exhilarating and I truly get pumped while shooting!

MY REASON: To this day I'm still obsessed with going through the old family albums that my mom put together when my sister and I were little girls. Year after year, I'm amazed at the fact that I catch something new in those old sticky pages, and I spend hours just imagining what those days were like. That right there is power of photography. To freeze a moment in time and give you the ability to return to it time and time again. And that is what I wish for you to have. 

MY STYLE: My style is fresh, vibrant, and most importantly, natural. Nothing pretend, just your true self shining through. Rich colors, luminous skin tones, radiant light, and simple, yet flattering posing are the core of my style as a photographer.

MY APPROACH: I approach every session with the intention to preserve you just as you are and to tell the story of a special moment in time.

m y  l o v e s 

healthy eating & staying active. i adore lifting weights and doing yoga

traveling & immersing myself in different cultures

caring for my plants. Seeing them thrive gives me life!

snapping photos on disposable cameras & film for fun

interior design & updating our little home

spending time with my family. nothing fills me up with love more than this

Image by sandra morlet

Today I will trust beyond the borders of what I can see, and have the courage to believe in what is greater than me. 

Morgan harper nichols