5 of the Best Photoshoot Locations in Tampa and St. Petersburg

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Let’s talk location, location, location! Over my many years of photographing couples and families, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best gems in Tampa and St. Pete. When you book your session with me, I send you my Locations Guide, full of the BEST locations that I have personally scouted and highly recommend. I then help you narrow it down to your top choice based on the type of ambiance and feel you’re going for. On the blog today, we’re going to break down a few of my favorites and why I love them so much. 

When selecting where you would like to have your photos taken, there are several things to take into consideration. So, what makes a location great? 

• Light: Hands down the most important aspect is light. At every location I ask myself, is there an open space where light can live freely or filter light through trees/other objects? How can I best light my client, you, to ensure you’re evenly lit and glowing?

• Variety: Variety is important because it gives us the ability to capture different looks all within a short distance

• Space: Lastly, space. When possible, we want to have the ability to move around freely without restriction.

Every single one of the locations in my Locations Guide checks all 3 of these boxes. Let’s go over a few of my favorites! 

Philippe Park

Philippe Park is located in Safety Harbor and I’ve found it’s about 30 minutes from most places in Tampa and St. Pete. I love Philippe Park for its stunning, huge oak trees and dreamy Spanish moss. This park is also located by a waterfront, making it extremely versatile for those who like the idea of a park for their session but also want to be by the water. 

Davis Islands

Davis Islands is a true South Tampa gem. The beautiful marina views, a beach vibe without needing to drive to the beach, and soft pink sand make this an easy favorite for me. 

Fort Desoto State Park

Fort Desoto State Park is located in St. Petersburg and is known for its azure blue water, soft sand, and history. This location screams variety and to me, is one of the most romantic locations in Tampa/St. Pete. 

North Straub Park/Vinoy St. Pete

North Straub Park is centrally located in downtown St. Petersburg. It’s directly in front of the St. Pete marina where beautiful white sailboats are stationed, and adjacent to the Vinoy – one of the most widely recognized hotels in Florida, known for its gorgeous pink exterior framed by luscious Floridian palm trees. Not only that, but in the Spring and Summer this park blooms with the most stunning pink bougainvillea that laces the notable white pavilion.

University of South Florida (USF)

At first, a university campus might not sound so appealing for photos, right? However, USF has so many beautiful little nooks for photos, particularly the area near the MLK Plaza. Pathways surrounded by gorgeous trees, wide open grassy spaces, and bougainvillea heaven. 

Bottom line, I could go on and on about my favorite locations for sessions in Tampa and St. Pete (and plan to in future posts!). 

Tampa and St. Pete are filled with beautiful, hidden gems that I’ve done the work of exploring and scouting for you! I hope this was helpful!

xx, Michele

Mar 8, 2021

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